Discover and Select. The in-browser interactive application for Real Estate

A high-end integration on your website that includes both a ‘discovery’ and ‘select’ mode. Present projects with a selection of tools that explain your project in the fullest detail and witness sales faster than ever before.

Select offers endless possibilities with many integrations, such as popular CRM systems, integration of POI’s, images, videos and data visualizations.

In high-end quality and fully interactive, available on any device with an internet connection.

Complete integration with popular CRM systems used in Real Estate*

Parallel will develop the total front end of the Select application. Real estate agents can continue to work in their favorite CRM system for sales and rentals. We connect both systems and seamlessly integrate the application onto the project’s website.

*Select works with popular CRM systems from the Netherlands, however we can make it work with any other CRM system used worldwide

Discovery mode

The Select application comes with a ‘discovery mode’ in which the project can be explained in its fullest detail. With the integration of images, animations, 360VR tours, points of interest and information about the area, visitors can truly get the know the project.

The base for the discovery mode is a high-end video taken by our dronographer, together with a 3D animation of your project. Enrich the discovery mode with a wide selection of integrations.

Apartment selector

The selector can be found within the discovery mode or as a standalone. Whenever there’s more than one building for sale or rent, the selector offers an interactive screen where the desired building can be selected and explored further.

The selector offers a real-time connection with the CRM application, into which the real estate agents will add all the sales information. Using custom filters will allow the visitors to favorite and sign up for their preferred apartment or unit. These can be selected through an interactive floorplan slicer or an interactive birdseye animation, showcasing all facades with clickable elements.

Select by floorplan

The floorplan slicer shows all apartments or units by their floorplan. They will turn either green, orange or red, depending on their sales status. Visitors can easily navigate through all floors whilst the floor numbers indicate a positive result based on the applied filters.

Select by facade

The facade selector allows the visitor to rotate around the building with an interactive animation. Depending on the applied filters, the apartments or units will turn either green, orange or red depending on their sales status. 


Click on the header for more information and videos about the integrations. Missing anything? We create custom content.


Laptops / tablets & phones

Select is a web application and works best on laptops and tablets. The apartment selector has been optimised so Select is even user friendly on mobile phones. Take Select anywhere.

Select Suite

Take Select to your sales event and amaze your potential buyers with a stunning furniture piece.

RottaNova, Rotterdam

Client: Neoo
Discovery + Select

Rottanova Select will go live in summer 2024.
Request link via information form.

EKP, Den Bosch

Client: Icoon Vastgoed, SDK Vastgoed
Discovery + Select

Try here: EKP Select

De Werf, Almere

Client: OPEN Development
Discovery + Select

Try here: De Werf Select

GROEI!, Amsterdam

Client: VORM

Try here: GROEI! Select

District U, Vlaardingen

Client: Inspire & Leyten

Try here: District U Select

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Select is a Parallel B.V. production.
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